Planning your stay at Dynamo

Before coming up to Dynamo, we advise you to estimate carefully your journey, check the weather forecast (even in summer) and to bring adequate clothing, including sturdy shoes.

What you should bring:
- Everything you want to eat and drink, except drinking water. (You may be able to eat and buy some cheese and pork products at the nearby farmhouses – Strohberg and Rothenbrunnen-, mostly in the summer, check opening times beforehand).
- A headlamp or torch, bedsheets or a sleeping bag.
- Towel and toiletries.

What you WILL find in Dynamo:
- A kitchen with gas cookers, a wood burner (no oven in the summer), cooking tools, dishes, cutlery and drinking water.
- Two eating rooms, which can accommodate about 15 persons each.
- Possibility to use a barbecue outside – if you look for your own firewood
- Crocs /slippers.
- Two bathrooms with toilets and toilet paper, washing basins and showers (hot water available a few hours per day).
- Dormitories with beds, mattresses, bottom sheets and blankets. The various dormitories can fit 5, 14 and 10 people.
- For children: a child's bed, high chair to eat, board games , etc., and for the baby's bath you can use a basin with warm water. And of course there is plenty of space around the chalet for children and adults can have fun nearby (see “What can you do” section).

- FRIENDLINESS, beautiful nature, hiking possibilities and magnificent views on the Alsace plain, the Grand Ballon Mountain and even the Alps by clear weather!

What you WILL NOT find in Dynamo:
- Electric plugs, WIFI, flat screens, stereo systems, high speed mobile phone connection (basic connection is unreliable).
- A fridge! We repeat: the is NO fridge. Our “cold room” is a north-oriented room (do not plan to eat sausages 2 days after your arrival!).
- A cook and waiter /waitresses - cooking and service is made all together.
- Cars, engines, bikers, doof doof music.

Pets are also welcome but under certain conditions, namely NO dogs or cats IN the house, especially not in upper floors and in the dorms. Doggies are asked to wait for their master on the balcony or outside the house. Yes it's hard, it breaks our hearts, but we must think of the cleanings allergies and case of hostility between animals ...